Apr 3, 2013


Wonderful!! Ottawa has some Yarnbombing!! Sherry D of Papertician let me know that she saw some Yarnbombing on her way home. I decided to go out of my way to see the yarn. It was worth it! It made me smile.
What is Yarnbombing you ask? Yarnbombing is a random act of placing yarn (usually knitted or crocheted) onto an unlikely source outside, like a statue or (in this case) a railing, normally with the intention to brighten peoples day.
The Yarnbombing was put here (presumably) by Autism Ontario since it had tags on it for world Autism Awareness Day!
How wonderful to see some color on my long way home. :)
Sorry if the pictures have not come out right, this is my first post from my phone.


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