Apr 11, 2013

Moving Soon!

9 days until we no longer own our first home.  The pressure is on!  I will be taking a little break from blogging/crochet until we get into the new house.  I am kinda forced to since my yarn is all packed away.  :( 
My WIP baby blanket will have to be finished in May as well as my WIP daffodil wreath. 
I am excited for the time ahead and hope the move is not too stressful.  Once we get into the new home I will have a craft room all to myself.... well that is my plan but the hubby has been talking about a joint craft/office space.  We will see.
So bye bye for a couple weeks.  If you are looking for something to read here are a few of my favorite blogs:
You should check out Natasja of Crochettime who has been Yarnbombing recently.
Lucy of Attic 24 is so inspiring with all her hooky fun.
Here is a blog I am newly following, The Green Dragon Fly. I love Janette's pictures.
Dinkidots is great for all sorts of crafty ideas.
All About Ami is super fun to see all of Stephanie's little creations, including a new baby girl!


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