Aug 29, 2013

Diamond Eyelet Wrap Sweater

I was gifted a pattern for a lovely wrap quite a while ago.  I have not made a wrap before but I do love the detail of the diamond eyelets... they are so special. This pattern is really easy to follow once you have gotten thorough it a few times (Rows 2-7 are repeated a lot!).   The yarn used is Patons Canadiana in Violet Mist.  I got the yarn a while ago and was saving it for a special project.  It has a small amount of sheen to it.

If you would like to get your own copy here is the link: 
Diamond Eyelet Wrap Sweater by Crochet Spot.

I am really enjoying it.  Once in a while I just have to look at the pattern to see what I do with the end and beginning of each row.  But so far, so good!

You just keep crocheting it really long then it gets wrapped around your body and sew a few edges together.  I am looking forward to that part.  :)
Crochet Spot is also offering a Crochet Along soon. I may have to see how many projects I have on the go before I commit.

Aug 26, 2013

Saturday Bibs Part 2

Here are the pictures I promised.  ;)
These are made from %100 cotton, machine washable and the perfect size for a little one eating.
Here is the pattern if you want to try it.  "Cutie-Bib"


Aug 13, 2013

Blog Directory

Wow!  A "Blog Directory" for crochet and amigurumi what a great idea.  Stephanie of All About Ami decided to put together a directory of fellow crocheters.  It is really nice to see so many people in the world coming together in a common craft.  I am very excited to be listed in the directory.   :)  Check it out here.
I better get making some stuff so people have something to read here on my blog... do the rest of you feel a summer slow down?  I find it more appealing to play with yarn in the winter.  I guess with the nice weather of the summer here in Ottawa I just want to be outside.  I suppose also settling into our new house has taken a good portion of my time.