Jan 30, 2013

Over 200 Page Views!!

I'm so excited there have been over 200 page views on my blog.  
Time to celebrate!!! 
Thank you for reading!

Jan 29, 2013

Life Changes

Sometimes life will be upside down and everything will seem uncertain.  The life change that my husband and I are looking into is buying our next home.
We are looking for something bigger which would be great for entertaining and something we could stay in for a long, long time. 
It is very exciting looking at houses and thinking about the possibilities of where you want to live and what features it will have or not have. 

Then, when you may have found THE ONE it is hard to keep calm ... what if we cannot get this one...  what if it sells to someone else before we even get our chance...  what if, what if, what if.... So many uncertainties.
We have put an offer on a house and right now it is conditionally sold to us...  Now for the chaos of getting our house sold....  
Will update you later.  :)

Jan 23, 2013

Genuine Raccoon

A little while ago I told you about the raccoon scarf pattern I received for Christmas.  It was purchased from BeesKneesKnitting. Please visit the link in case you would like to get your own pattern.  She has lots of really nice patterns for other animals too!

Here is the head while I was working on it.  I found this to be a really nice pattern to work from.
Here is the start of the tail. (sorry for the poor quality photos)
The final reveal is here... the final scarf...
He was a lot of fun to make.

He has a strap on the back so that the tail can be tucked in.
The only tricky part I found was a two colour part (the head and tail) because you don't break the colours you just keep the second colour on the inside. I was not able to work on those parts on the bus since the two balls of yarn would have been awkward... unless I made some friends on the bus and got my new friends to hold the yarn for me... LOL.
I had never done this colour running before (that's just what I am calling it). I liked it much better than weaving in lots of ends.

I used safety eyes that I got my husband to cut off some of the back of them to make the stem shorter.  I didn't want the back of the safety eyes to poke Sherry when she was wearing the scarf.
Sherry really enjoyed her gift.
She even wore it to a fancy restaurant and told the young man taking her coat to be careful with it.  :)

Jan 21, 2013

I've got commitment issues

I am starting a new project but not committing to an outcome.  I have done 5 granny squares so far.  They are pink, soft and they will be used for something in the long-term.  What that something is... I will not commit to anything yet....  Happy hooking.

Since I started to write this post I now have 17 pink squares and one and a half purple squares.  Making the granny squares are going much faster than I thought.  I may have to come up with a plan sooner rather than later on what to do with them.

Jan 17, 2013

Finished CAL

On January 15, 2013 I completed my first CAL!  I am so proud of myself and it's done ahead of schedule.
   Yay!  The project was a pair of socks. 
You can read about the start of the CAL here.
The project is now 100% complete and I made socks that I can actually wear. 
I had not worked with yarn this thin before and I had not worked with a hook so small before.. so the finished project is a little more loose than I would like.  I do still have yarn left for another sock.  :)

Jan 15, 2013

My Yarn Stash

I thought I would fill you in on how the yarn is organized at my house.  Just a while ago I had yarn in every nook and cranny.  If you were an empty box or a bag laying around you were getting stuffed with yarn.

My husband is quite a tidy man so this was getting on his nerves.

Jan 9, 2013


I just started my first CAL. 
A CAL is a crochet along. 
I crochet a pattern at the same time other people are
crocheting patterns, possibly all over the world. 
I found a CAL to join in at www.ravelry.com.  If you haven't been to Ravelry, it is an online community of yarn crafters.  A very nice place to find fellow yarn crafters, CALs or KALs (knit along), patterns and all sorts of other goodies.  My first CAL is a bakers dozen for sock-ess cal.  I have not been able to make a pair of socks yet, so I thought I would throw myself into the deep end and do a pair of socks a month with this CAL.  We will see if I can keep up with them. Here is my progress so far.
I have small feet so it will be a small sock.
I will share again once I have finished a sock! Hopefully...

Jan 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a happy new year!
I kept it quiet at home with some friends.  We had a nice games night and watched Carmen Electra kiss a stranger at midnight. 
On the crochet front, my friend Sherry gave me a really nice pattern that is a raccoon scarf.  You can find the patten from BeesKneesKnitting for sale.  A lovely pattern to follow and so I am making Sherry a raccoon scarf for her winter enjoyment. 
It is almost done, but I will have a couple pictures to share later.