Apr 23, 2013

Homeless and Happy

So we are officially homeless now.  Our old home closed on Monday and the new home closes on Friday.  Being in limbo is strange.  But it does give me some time to crochet... If only I could remember what box the yarn was in.

Apr 11, 2013

Moving Soon!

9 days until we no longer own our first home.  The pressure is on!  I will be taking a little break from blogging/crochet until we get into the new house.  I am kinda forced to since my yarn is all packed away.  :( 
My WIP baby blanket will have to be finished in May as well as my WIP daffodil wreath. 
I am excited for the time ahead and hope the move is not too stressful.  Once we get into the new home I will have a craft room all to myself.... well that is my plan but the hubby has been talking about a joint craft/office space.  We will see.
So bye bye for a couple weeks.  If you are looking for something to read here are a few of my favorite blogs:
You should check out Natasja of Crochettime who has been Yarnbombing recently.
Lucy of Attic 24 is so inspiring with all her hooky fun.
Here is a blog I am newly following, The Green Dragon Fly. I love Janette's pictures.
Dinkidots is great for all sorts of crafty ideas.
All About Ami is super fun to see all of Stephanie's little creations, including a new baby girl!


Apr 9, 2013

Hop Hop goes the Easter Bunny

I made an Easter bunny for my niece at Easter. I first started the pattern from Pintrest and then found the blog that posted the pattern, The Green Dragon Fly.  Here is the link to the pattern by Janette and here are my pictures of the one I made.

Apr 3, 2013


Wonderful!! Ottawa has some Yarnbombing!! Sherry D of Papertician let me know that she saw some Yarnbombing on her way home. I decided to go out of my way to see the yarn. It was worth it! It made me smile.
What is Yarnbombing you ask? Yarnbombing is a random act of placing yarn (usually knitted or crocheted) onto an unlikely source outside, like a statue or (in this case) a railing, normally with the intention to brighten peoples day.
The Yarnbombing was put here (presumably) by Autism Ontario since it had tags on it for world Autism Awareness Day!
How wonderful to see some color on my long way home. :)
Sorry if the pictures have not come out right, this is my first post from my phone.