Feb 25, 2013

Big House Changes

So we have bought a house (Jan 29), sold our house ( Feb 15) and will be moving (Apr 22) all in 3 months..  Yipee! 
The new house!
My husband and I were quite surprised that the house we really wanted in the location we really wanted was out there.  It was really exciting purchasing the house. 
Then we realized the real work began when we had to get our house sold.  It was a lot of de-cluttering and organizing, painting (not done by us) and carpet installing (also not done by us) and cleaning (some done by us, some hired out).  All done in 1week and 2 days.  We were on the market with an open house.  We ended up having a multiple bidding situation the night of the open house.  I thought that only happened on TV... but there we were living it.  4 offers to choose from... we were conditionally sold that night.  Very exciting! 

Our cat, Pepper, did really well visiting grandma's house (we got her out of the way for painting,  the open house and for the inspection).  And she seems to not mind the car one bit. 

Now we are looking forward to the move.
Ahhh... my dreams of a beautiful yarn retreat are coming true. :)

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