Jan 15, 2013

My Yarn Stash

I thought I would fill you in on how the yarn is organized at my house.  Just a while ago I had yarn in every nook and cranny.  If you were an empty box or a bag laying around you were getting stuffed with yarn.

My husband is quite a tidy man so this was getting on his nerves.
One day while I was off work I saw a beautiful shelf in the Ikea catalog that would house my yarn perfectly. So I got my husband to meet me at Ikea once he was done work. He had a few words to say about how big the shelf was but he was, in the end, okay with it.
Now the shelf made it home and found a cozy spot in the office. I tried to organize my yarn by colour. So the yarn got sorted. The bottom left cube is multicoloured yarn (the messy square).

You may recognize this from my banner picture. I love it! The squares actually hold two rows of yarn. Some of my friends have said that I have a yarn store in my house, I think that's okay. Who would not like to have their own yarn store at their finger tips.

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  1. This is a great Storage idea! You can see everything you have in stock and it still looks tidy.