Jan 23, 2013

Genuine Raccoon

A little while ago I told you about the raccoon scarf pattern I received for Christmas.  It was purchased from BeesKneesKnitting. Please visit the link in case you would like to get your own pattern.  She has lots of really nice patterns for other animals too!

Here is the head while I was working on it.  I found this to be a really nice pattern to work from.
Here is the start of the tail. (sorry for the poor quality photos)
The final reveal is here... the final scarf...
He was a lot of fun to make.

He has a strap on the back so that the tail can be tucked in.
The only tricky part I found was a two colour part (the head and tail) because you don't break the colours you just keep the second colour on the inside. I was not able to work on those parts on the bus since the two balls of yarn would have been awkward... unless I made some friends on the bus and got my new friends to hold the yarn for me... LOL.
I had never done this colour running before (that's just what I am calling it). I liked it much better than weaving in lots of ends.

I used safety eyes that I got my husband to cut off some of the back of them to make the stem shorter.  I didn't want the back of the safety eyes to poke Sherry when she was wearing the scarf.
Sherry really enjoyed her gift.
She even wore it to a fancy restaurant and told the young man taking her coat to be careful with it.  :)

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