Nov 7, 2013

Card Making Challenge (lots of pictures)

Remember my earlier post about a card I made for the wedding I attended in late September?  Well that card was a part of a challenge called the November Challenge put on by PJ Challenge.  A way to inspire paper crafters to keep motivated to make projects.  I am not a true paper crafter.  I just like do a little here and there. 
Sherry and I decided to tackle this challenge together.  She helped with the pieces I needed as a collaborative kit for the card... since I don't have a Cricut machine.  So my part was to make a card for the wedding.  Then Sherry would use the leftovers and make other projects to complete the challenge.
Here is the inspiration for the card. The invitation. (Edited to protect the newlywed's privacy)
The card making began.
Pop-up dots were very important part of this card construction.
The couple has a cute dog.  So I wanted to use a dog in the card to make it more personal. 
I attached a small piece of white card stock on the back to give the dog some eyes.
Conte was the chalk of choice.  I actually had a few leftover pieces of it from high school. It was nice to look at a picture of the couple's dog and add some white to make him similar to their dog.
Here I am fiddling with the inside of the card trying to figure out placement and what I want to see inside the card.
Other attempts at the inside. 
Getting closer... 
Now for work on the front... what to do?
Getting closer.
Do I want ribbon or gems? 
Close up view of the use of pop-up dots.

The final front of the card!

The final inside of the card.
I used the dog as a money holder since we did a small gift including some money.  The dog was only attached on the feet, tail and under the head.
I also made an envelope since I had lots more personalized pieces for them.
Here is the craftermath
So messy!!

Since the challenge is to use as much as you can... here are my little garbage scraps (added an eraser in the picture to give perspective)

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