Oct 10, 2013

Snuggles the Penguin

Snuggles was the first amigurumi that I started.  I assumed correctly that he wouldn't be too difficult to try.  I put him aside and moved onto the mobile animals.  I have been working on him here and there and now he is
 almost complete.
Snuggles turned out too big for the mobile; also, the mobile recipient decided for more traditional colours of black and white for the penguin in the mobile.  More about that penguin later...

needs some eyes and a beak

that's better

Snuggles patiently waiting on a scarf and some arms

If you want to try making him yourself then here is a link to the pattern.  Stephanie of All About Ami has very good instructions on how to make your own penguin.

My completed Snuggles picture will be coming soon.

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