Nov 14, 2012


Hello wonderful world of blogging.  This is my first blog.  How exciting!  I thought I would try blogging to share my love for the craft of crochet.  I learned to crochet in October of 2011.

Before October

I thought yarn crafts were not for me.  I did not understand why anyone would want to take a piece of yarn and make it into something else.

After October

I don't know how to stop myself from crocheting.  It has become a lifestyle, it has grown my patients and it has definitely given my mind a workout.  Now I crochet everywhere, on the bus, at work (on break), while watching tv, when I have to wait for someone, or while on a road trip (not driving).  I have a bag of works-in-progress with me at just about all times. Oh, the addiction is strong!

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