Dec 12, 2012

So I was working on my monkey...

 Well I guess I should really start back in the summer.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining bright and it was definitely pool weather.  I went over to my in laws to swim while the men were working on the deck.  My niece was there (she is 8) and so we swam together and she was reading a story to herself while I crocheted.  She asked if I could make something for her... so that is how Rariyo came to be.

I made him for her while she was reading.

She asked if I could make her a sock monkey.  I didn't know how to make a sock monkey but told her that I would try to figure it out.  4 months later a sock monkey has emerged.  I recently found a really nice pattern with Patons (its free to sign up) and I have been working on the sock monkey.  A sock monkey toque has also happened, you know... as a companion to the sock monkey.

So I was working on my monkey...  on the bus today (I wonder what my bus patrons think of me) and realized I forgot to put the safety eyes on before closing up his head.  Luckily I had not cut the string off yet, so I untied his head and got those really cool eyes in!  Yay!

Shhh don't tell her, these will be her Christmas presents!

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